2015 RAM 3500 Dually Vs Ford F-350 Dually: Both Are FEARSOME TRUCKS, But Which One Is MORE FUEL EFFICIENT?!

Comparing the 2015 RAM 3500 versus the Ford F-350 both of them dually will give the most fuel efficient truck of them all. That’s why it is good to see which one is going to perform better and which one is going to do it while being more fuel efficient over the other. But before the test starts it is good to tell that both of the trucks are featuring dually rear wheels and too large engines under the hood. With the 2015 Dodge Ram 3500 carrying the Cummins engine which is a known spender and the Ford F-350 having the Powerstroke as a power plant.

Out money on the most fuel efficient truck would be on the Ford here as this is an engine that is proven to be good worker and low spender too. Maybe it is the injectors that have different technology for injecting the fuel into the engine or is it the Ford transmission’s fault which has been upgraded for this F-350 truck. The lb-ft of torque measurement is on the Ford’s side as it leads the way with 60 units more over the Ram.

There is the good old Ford Bronco in the back just waiting to be towed with these trucks. Now the Bronco will play a huge role here is it is going to be the weight of the trailer. Towing this weight with the best MPG on the board will give the winner of the title MOST FUEL EFFICIENT TRUCK in the dually division.

This is the battle between heavyweights, just sit back and relax while these two powerful trucks are going to pull some weight in order to show the best MPG on the spot, one of them is going home with the gold on their dashboard, and one of them will need some work on the fuel lines.


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