MY GOD SHE’S STUNNING: The 217.85ft Custom Motor Yacht ‘Okto’ With LUXURIOUS INTERIOR Built By ISA In Italy!!!

This yacht may be voted for having the best swimming pool on the deck. It is so because the pool isn’t too big, but it has a Jacuzzi installed too, so if you are tired of swimming, just turn it on and enjoy the bubbles that massage your body.

Not many yachts come with a gym inside, but the OKTO yacht built by ISA Yachts has it. It is not the most equipped gym that we have ever seen, but it has enough lifts inside to stay in shape. There is a rubber ball too, if you are fan of those, jumping around with it. There is also a bench press, if you feel like pumping those muscles of yours.

Outside on the deck, there is a rest area with tables and chairs, and sun umbrellas, to chat with your friends and drink some coffee or something. There are so big engines inside the yacht that will propel you at the desired speed any time.

And this yacht can go fast, don’t let the size of it fool you, it has most advanced technology for propelling, that is suitable for fast driving at open sea, get you anywhere that you want to go.


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