2JZ POWERED Toyota GT86 Drifting & DOING A BURNOUT In Hungary During A King Of Europe ProSeries Race! 700 Horsepower ON TAP!

When we are talking about the racer and drifter Alexander Rene we cannot stop thinking about the 2JZ powered Toyota GT86 that he has under his steering stick. That’s why it is great to see him in one more video where he is overdoing himself, doing the drift of his life and making the audience to go wild on him. This is the time where we put stop to all the other drifters and tell them to check out the Alexander Rene drifting, because he is going to be the future of the drifting sport and everybody knows this.

The car that this team has built is the 2JZ powered Toyota GT86 and let us tell you that this car is running WILD. There is such great performance shown by this car that we are getting more adrenaline hooked up than ever. The large cloud of smoke that is coming out of those poor tires is going to make the audience cry but nobody is going to complain about that. That’s why there are here at the event, to see some tires shredded to pieces from the drift and that is exactly what they are going to get with their favorite driver and car too.

This is an event that has been held in Hungary and it is good to see that there also the drifting sport is become a part of the everyday life of the people. King of Europe ProSeries race is the name of the drift event and it seems like Rene is going to win it with huge amount of points taken out of this particular drift.

The car that Alexander Rene is driving is the famous 2JZ powered Toyota GT86 that has the tag on it says that the engine is worth about 700 HP, which is more than enough to make this perfect drift.


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