302 SC Black Label Mustang Speedster

The 50th anniversary of the legendary muscle car brings us more and more good stuff that can’t leave anyone equanimous. One of those is The 2015 50 Year Limited Edition model, named Saleen.

Black Label Mustang

First time we’ve had an opportunity to see it, was short look on a display at the New York Auto Show few days ago. But now we can feast our eyes with full gallery of this wonderful Mustang model. Full name is “302 SC Black Label Mustang Speedster” and aside the gorgeous looks, the so called Speedlab yellow paint job makes you jump in it as soon as possible and took of throughout the whole country.

Black Label Mustang 1

It is said the The Black Label Saleen is on the very top of the list of Mustang’s heavy optioned vehicles and it presents kind of an epitome of the whole package of Saleen’s style and performance abilities.

Black Label Mustang 2

2015 50 Year Limited Edition model comes with a full Saleen body kit, the suspension is completely upgraded, 14 inch brakes and 20 inch wheels. Inside, Alcantara two-tone Chevron seats in leather and under the hood it has a supercharged engine that delivers astonishing 625 horsepower.

Black Label Mustang 3

We will come back again with more info about this phenomenal supercar, till then, enjoy the gallery.


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