5 Common Sunroof Issues And Their Remedies

Sunroofs are always a nice feature to have in any car. It allows you to see the sky, lets daylight in, and fresh air. It also gives passengers a good view of the road as well as the surroundings when on a road trip.

Like all other car features, sunroofs also have their issues. In this article, we’re going to talk about the most common problems that drivers face when it comes to sunroofs.

  1. Leaking

This usually happens when there’s heavy rainfall. You might think that you’re protected from the downpour because you have a sunroof, however, it can also cause some rain to get inside your vehicle.

A sunroof has a well that collects water and navigates it through a series of drains and into the ground. However, the drains can become clogged over time and when that happens, there’s no way for the rainwater to exit the well on the sunroof.  The water buildup can enter your vehicle as it can’t find its way to the ground.

If not fixed, the accumulation of water sitting atop the roof can disperse into the interior of the car. To prevent this from happening, you must check to ensure that the drains are free from any buildup or clogs, especially during the wet season.

  1. Shattered Sunroof

Although sunroofs are highly durable, it doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. Even if it’s a very small crack, you must get it fixed right away as it can cause the entire sunroof to shatter while you’re driving.

The most common cause of a cracked or broken sunroof is heavy objects falling directly on top of it. The sunroof also tends to shatter completely during a collision. If you’re going to park your car in a parking lot, don’t park it under a tree, especially if there’s a storm coming. The same can also be said if you park in your garage, ensure that there are no items that might fall onto the top of the vehicle.

Check the sunroof periodically for any damage so that it can be fixed right away. You can always rely on a professional auto repair shop that provides windshield replacement in Gilbert AZ to fix a cracked, broken, or shattered sunroof.

  1. Mechanical Malfunctions

Sometimes a sunroof can malfunction. It could be caused by broken switches, dead motors, blown fuses, damaged wires, etc. When a sunroof malfunctions, it may only open halfway, or worse, it won’t open at all. Mechanical malfunctions can sometimes be complicated to fix since it’s hard to figure out what exactly is causing them.

You can try solving the problem on your own though. Using screwdriver or drill, remove the panel glass so you can inspect its mechanism to see if there are cracked or broken gears or components. You can also clean out any debris, dirt, or grease buildup. Once done, try turning on your car and press the switch for the different sunroof positions to see if the gears are moving or not.

If your sunroof still fails to function, it’s best if you let a certified mechanic look at it and fix the problem.

  1. Stuck Sunroof

Oftentimes a stuck sunroof happens due to poor lubrication. Simply putting new grease on the tracks and gears can free up a stuck sunroof. This also prevents wear and tear. Another reason why the sunroof gets stuck is because of broken or worn cables.  In this case, you’re going to need the help of a professional mechanic to fix the problem as soon as possible.

  1. Rattling Noise

This is probably the least common sunroof issue on this list. Sometimes, a sunroof can rattle impulsively for no apparent reason. It’s not a major problem though but can be pretty annoying, especially if you’re driving.

The rattling sunroof is usually caused by dried-out edges and other moving parts which is why you need to lubricate them regularly. But if you already put some grease into it and it continues to rattle, there might be a more serious problem (oftentimes misalignment) with your sunroof.

Final Thoughts

Above are the most common sunroof problems that you may experience. Most of these problems aren’t major and can be easily remedied on your own. Keep in mind that whether the sunroof is factory installed or an aftermarket part, regular preventive maintenance and proper care can help ensure that you won’t have problems with it. By doing so, you can continue to enjoy the exhilarating feeling brought by fresh air when you drive a vehicle with a sunroof.




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