6 Most Common Mistakes That Drivers Do And Catch The Attention Of Traffic Police!

You might find these 6 tips very useful, because it’s much easier to be stopped by the traffic police than you possibly think. All you need to do is commit just one of the following 6 violations bellow and you will be pulled over for sure. The best way to avoid getting tickets and keep your license is to observe the driving behavior from the point of view of a traffic officer. All you need to have is a little more awareness.

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Here is a list of most common mistakes that drivers do and get a ticket:

1. Speeding

Quite understandable, this violation is at the top on every traffic officer`. The reason for is quite simple, it takes a person longer time to react in an unexpected situation if he’s driving faster than he should. In case another vehicle makes an unexpected lane change, or if a pedestrian unexpectedly steps into the street, the chances to avoid the situation are smaller. As the speed is increasing the distance that you need to brake is also increasing. This means that if a person is driving at about 60 mph he can stop at 120 feet, but if the speed is 80 mph he will need twice as much longer distance to stop the vehicle.

Unfortunately, today people are driving faster than in the past and especially on highways. According to highway patrol officers people today seem more impatient than they were before. This is why highway patrol officers must write tickets in order to control the death rate of drivers at freeways. Our advice to you is: even if you are passing the speed limit, do not go over 5-7 miles per hour.


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