Get Ready For Outstanding Power Of 6000 HP!!! Check Out the famous Mach II Jet Car of Sebastien Lajoux at Rivanazzano 2014!!!

Written by Jovanka Ceselkoska

An edition like this should be remembered in the annals of history and written in the American Motors Pavia. The preconditions for success were all there from the beginning, and the numbers recorded at the end of the event outperformed every possible prediction.

Among the main drivers in the 2014 Hills Race at Rivanazzano dragway was the French champion Sebastien Lajoux who at the 2012 Hills Race reached a top speed of 307 km/h setting a record on the track. This year he performed with his famous Mach II Jet Funny Car driven by a General Electric J85 engine from a U.S Air Force F5 Tiger supersonic jet fighter. The jet car is capable of producing incredible power of 6000 hp! With that much power Mach II can accelerate from 0 to 500 km/h in just 6 seconds. Let’s if Lamborghini can beat that! 🙂

Watch Sebastien Lajoux on the video below as he blew Italy out:


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