`68 Chevrolet

`68 Chevrolet

All the restoration assignments Hot Rod & Custom Stuff gets from diverse places. Some cars are in farmers` possession which date back to the 40s; some of the clients have their cars repaired by themselves; whereas others come dissatisfied from the shop they had trusted their car for restoration.

The customer of this `68 Chevy seems to share the same dissatisfaction as mentioned above.

Take a look at the photos reflecting the current state of the Chevy, as well as the restored condition to be.

Here are some of its specifications:

The engine is a Chevy 427ci. The polished and hand-ported valves are covered by Dart aluminium. The package consists of Competition girdles, Magnum roller rockers, rev-kit, MAS distributor, and 100 cfm Holley carburetor.


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