`69 COPO Yenko Chevrolet Camaro!

Copo Camaro

Back in 1969, the only way of purchasing a Camaro with Vette engine of 427 cubic inches was to do Central Office Production Order or better known as C. O. P. O.

However, Chevrolet did not invest in advertising this possibility that much. Thus, it resulted in limited COPO procedures today. All the customers craving `69 Camaro had to purchase an original version. However, all of this turns out to be expensive.

That`s way another solution was invented, to build a Camaro on your own.

Frank Graceffa tells his story of purchasing a 1969 Camaro with Yenko sign engraved on it on sale. The Yenko models were modified 427 COPO Camaros coming from Pennsylvania`s Don Yenko Chevrolet. The car went through a process of total restoration involving a complete dissembling.

That is a fantastic way of making your own original Camaro.


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