8 Second MANUAL Foxbody Mustang With Driver Mod CHAMP! DAMN Can This Man DRIVE!

We are not really sure where this Mustang owner came from but he decided to show up at the famous Street Car Takeover drag racing event in Charlotte, North Carolina and show everyone how real men drive the wheels off a stick-shift Foxbody Mustang. We just don’t get to see many competitors who are really able to use a clutch and get out of the hole like this dude – he isn’t scared at all.  Folks this is a heads-up drag racing action full of crazy adrenaline pumping between some ultra cool competitors.

This particular drag racing beast in the form of a Ford Mustang with Fox body is driven by a built small block Ford engine with displacement of 5.0 liters. But, the good part is that the power in the engine is boosted by a turbocharger which the owner says it’s cheap and foreign-made. Regardless of the country where the turbocharger came from, or how much it is worth, the Foxbody Mustang ran well enough to take the champion’s title in the stick-shift class during this day.

So far we have seen some quite impressive American muscle cars competing in the Street Car Takeover stick shift class. But, undoubtedly this turbocharged 5.0 Liter Foxbody Mustang just came up and ripped down the track, pushing it through the quarter mile in less than 9 seconds!

We have to pay credits to the driver who should be proud with the skills he performed. It’s true that an automatic transmission car can win races oftentimes. But if you can do it often with a manual transmission, you are way beyond being just the monkey behind the steering wheel. You become a master.

And now it is time for your morning symphony. Just listen to this 8-second Foxbody Mustang rip through the gears with no mercy at all! Well, what you know! Ford Mustangs and no wrecks! Hot damn folks! 🙂 LOL


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