8M Views – PRESENTING YOU The World’s First Monster Bicycle!!!

The world’s first monster bicycle !

Another exhibit in our collection of tuned and customized bicycles – the monster bicycle created by the Dutchman Wouter van den Bosch. He built this monster using steel pipes, parts of bike and a large tire from a monster truck. Of course, this is not exactly tuning, or rather not tuning at all, but still it’s very entertaining. See what you can do if you decide to create an unusual bike.

Here we have a homemade bike with the front wheel of a monster truck which really looks pretty cumbersome and intimidating. This monster bike weighs 450 pounds! The speed of this ​​cycling monster is quite small, because to drive the mechanism into action by pedaling is quite difficult, especially if you are not in good physical shape. You can see for yourself by looking on this cool video clip. By the way, the design of this bike reminds me a little bit of the bicycles with the front wheel in human growth, which were invented in the late 19th century.

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2 thoughts on “8M Views – PRESENTING YOU The World’s First Monster Bicycle!!!

  1. That was dumb!he was being pushed half the time,i think he should be stripped of his guinness record!that thing was a hunk of junk!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      This bike is only for really strong people Daniel 🙂

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