$9,900 Worth of 1987 Buick Regal Grand National?

The number of Buick`s that are really favored is not that great. However, the Grand National is one of those ones that popularize this brand. It`s just amazing how a twenty-nine year old Lincoln is burning diesel in a BMW six powering engine.The American eighties` specialties were the coupes. It was the prime time of Lincoln, Thunderbirds, and Buicks. The cars were named after somebody special or a renowned place. That was the case with Buick’s Regal. Lots of other cars wear this name, but they are unworthy of the title.

That’s right, this black beauty is a Grand National, a model named in honor of Buick‘s 1981 and 82 Nascar Manufacturer’s Cup wins.

The car`s odometer shows a 141,000 total kilometer mileage, which gives approximately 5,500 per year. Under the hood, there is a 3.8-litre V6 engine, which delivers around 300 ponies. As a back-up, there is a THM200-4R. Moreover, the car features a plebeian G-body platform.

The car is on sale for $9,900. However, the lack of images, videos, and further info of the original, makes it somewhat dubious. What`s your opinion. Would this National get your money`s worth?


2 thoughts on “$9,900 Worth of 1987 Buick Regal Grand National?

  1. rickie

    an 87 grand national put out 245 h.p. out of the factory door. unless your talking about the very rare GNX grand national, which put out about 300 h.p. out of the factory door.

    1. Mac

      This one is a turbocharged version Rickie. That’s why it is capable of producing up to 300 hp.

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