A Babe LOST a WHEEL IN MUD – HELP HER with Your Highly Modified Trucks!

A really cool video from the this summer’s second “Mouth of the South“ Truck Challenge, held down in Colfax, LA at Louisiana Mudfest, where only the law of the jungle (only the fittest can survive) dictates the rules of life. Therefore, you will see a lot of mighty and powerful, highly modified and tuned up Fords, Dodges, Chevrolets, Brancos and other beasts, kicking it for real and showing off just what it takes to become the king and ruler of this fields.

The competition was divided on three separate challenges: Bus pulling, Obstacle course and the famous Mud Pit challenge. There was also a freestyle event in which this monster trucks completely destroyed an RV. So I think it is pretty much clear what sort of fun and crazy stuff you are about to see in the following video.

I specially enjoyed the performance of the girls (at the beginning of the clip), and the Chevy at 7:30. The latter is a true definition of what a powerful monster truck is all about. But that is only my opinion. Watch the video and tell me what you think about it.


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