A Great Demonstration on One Dragster’s Fuel Consumption! One Cylinder Fuel Pump in Action!

It is not a secret that those high class dragsters that are a wet dream (and for many, a reality) for many Gearheads all around the world, are not very modest when it comes to the fuel consumption. We all love powerful engines, which by default means a big one, which also means that they are ‘eating’ a lot of gas. That is why one of the things that hurts us most is when we hear that the price of oil is getting up. Of course, there are those who do not worry much about that ‘small detail’, but most of us are having day jobs, and we have to work hard for each dollar that we make, so, it is not something that should not be considered, right?

So today we are going to show you a very cool video demonstration in which you will see how does it look when one dragster’s fuel pump is in action, and how much fuel does it need in order to give all that incredible speed. And this simulation is made showing only one fuel pump, and we must not forget that most of the drag monsters are having engines with 8 cylinders (on the other hand, some of the best supercars in the world have even twelve).

It really is an impressive video, in which you will see how much fuel it takes to get all that power, and overall, very interesting way of watching the internal work of one dragster. Check it out.

If you want to find out more facts and info about the dragsters, go to this link.


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