A Traditional-Look `32 Ford Roadster

1932 Ford Roadster
Mike Richards was craving a roadster, but his roadster would not resemble an ordinary one. The roadster Mike imagined in his head was alike the one produced after WWII at El Mirage. At that time, roadsters were delivered out of drop-tanks.

Firstly, Mike desired a convertible with a flathead to weather protect him. Under the hood, he wanted a Y-block motor. After the highly accomplished 1957 Stock Car season against the GM competition, the hot rodders started neglecting this motor. Fortunately, Mike had the major pieces needed for this type of engine.

In order to accomplish the low-to-the-ground body style Mike desired and the use of a Y-block classifies this roadster as a traditional vehicle.

Here are some additional specifications:

-- 312 Crank grounded to 3.64;

-- 340 cu. Displacement;

-- Cam clearance custom rods;

-- 8. 4 : 1 Compression ratio;

-- Y-284S Cam


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