CRAZY FAST! Airbags INFLATE SUPER FAST – Even at 2500 fps CAMERA! WE HAVE IT in Slow Motion!

Most of us never think about airbags as we get into our cars. And why would we? Airbags are not something that anyone would ever (hopefully) need while driving in or a car.

Yet it’s useful to know how an airbag works and how fast this device that might save your life deploys to protect the driver and the passengers in the vehicle.

According to Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory, an average automotive airbag inflates in about 0.05 seconds at speed of 200 miles per hour, which you will admit is incredibly fast.

To show just how fast this really is, the funny duo known as Slow Mo Guys tested a standard airbag in front of the lens of a super slow motion camera, shooting the whole process with 2.500 frames per second. Now we know how quickly and powerfully airbags explode to protect drivers and passengers. What were the results? Two words – completely mind-blowing!


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