SPEED DEMONS ARE BACK! – ALL THE ACTORS from The Fast and Furious 7!

Fast and Furious 7 Get ready to crank up the speakers! The Fast and Furious 7 is coming! The premiere is due July, 2014. Unfortunately, it is too soon to revel the beasts that are going to be driven. But, we have the list of the actors. It will definitely blow your mind! Have a look!

1. Vin Diesel -- “ Dominic Toretto ”


One of the main protagonists of the series, did not appeared only in the second film. Dominique is a street racer, the head of the gang raiders. The search for the gang brought upon him Brian O’Conner, who introduced his team.


8 thoughts on “SPEED DEMONS ARE BACK! – ALL THE ACTORS from The Fast and Furious 7!

  1. shan

    Roman Pearce is played by TyreseGibson, not Dwayne Johnson

  2. Brian

    Number 5 is incorrect that is not Dwayne Johnson

  3. emeric

    tyresse is roman peyrce not jhonson

  4. ken

    #5 Is Tyree Gibson as Roman Pearce. Not Dwayne Johnson.

  5. GZT

    Holy sh*t, who wrote/captioned this article? It sounds like it was written by someone who barely has a grasp on the English language and skimmed through IMDB instead of watching the movies.

    1. Mac

      Sorry if you’re not pleased with the article. We’ll do our best to improve. Thanks for your notice.

  6. Monsieur

    Also Jason Statham is not playing Ian Shaw. Ian Shaw was played by Luke Evans in Fast & Furious 6. Stathan is going to play Deckard Shaw, the brother of Ian Shaw. Get your facts together.

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