ALMOST EATEN BY A LION – Journalist TOO BRAVE – Enters The Cage…!

ALMOST EATEN BY A LION -- Journalist TOO BRAVE -- Enters The Cage…!

1 year old Lion is so aggressive…Both men barely escaped a tragedy! Look at the injures caused by the lion!


24 thoughts on “ALMOST EATEN BY A LION – Journalist TOO BRAVE – Enters The Cage…!

  1. Against your actions

    Yes let’s capture and keep captive a wild animal and play with it. And hit him in the face which is terribly degrading for their kind to show them we are his boss.
    How disgusting and lame

    1. y.leon

      This is an act of Animal cruelty… that poor lion is already imprisoned , suffering in a jail ( cage) so leave that LION alone, in peace !!

  2. Elli

    Man, is he stupid or what!! And that other man… he didn´t had a clue how to handle that amazing animal. Hitting it on the face!!! No wonder it attacked!

  3. Mae

    Can I ask you what in the HELL were you thinking.So you were willing to RISK YOUR LIFE,just to show everyone and tell everyone how you got to be inside the lions domain.The other guy lost control of the animal.People have got to learn to leave them alone and admire them and care for them afar.

  4. K. H.

    That lion does not belong there, or to be agitated like that only to be beaten when he does what comes natural. I don’t know what this place is, but this is not right.

  5. Angela

    How disgusting. Poor lion being kept like that. Shame the men didn’t get eaten. They deserve it.

  6. Flowy Henderson

    I was actually expecting worse injuries. Thank goodness it didn’t happen. While the lion became agitated inside the cage, I was telling myself you absolutely deserve what was coming to you and I didn’t feel sorry. I hope you realize that your life is absolutely far more important than making things interesting or impressing people. I pray that you don’t do anything this stupid ever again!

  7. Israel

    We should not play with those animals, as we should not play with sin…it is lethal, only Jesús can save us

  8. Gabriel García Salinas


    1. Mac

      The man definitely made a name of himself with this act.

  9. Phil

    That lion should’ve eaten both of them, just for general principle.

    1. Mac

      They probably taste bad for the lion 🙂 lol

  10. tiny dancer

    Wild animals do not belong in cages!
    I know what I’d do if someone put me in one!
    How about we protect thiir natural habitats instead!!!

    1. Mac

      I wish everyone would do that. Our environment is all we have.

  11. Laurie

    Sorry, but that was not very smart on your part and the guy who tried to handle the lion had no idea what he was doing. If you were seriously hurt, besides you getting hurt, guess who would pay a bigger price. YEAH that the right, the poor lion. DO me a favor find some common sense and stick to kittens.

    1. Mac

      Yeah, small kittens are much safer for him lol

  12. chessa

    You have to be a stupid idiot to think the lion will jUst lay there!!! Really!!! That lion should not be in the cage!!! That is disgusting and you deserve everything you got!!!

    1. Mac

      I bet he won’t do that again. This is a lesson for a lifetime.

  13. Hayley

    The sad thing is this lion was probably shot afterwards. Stupid people! When are people going to learn to respect animals?

    1. Mac

      Not in the near future I fear Hayley…

  14. KN

    What an absolute tosser – and he thinks he is clever and can now show off his “lion attack wounds”. Idiot. This is somewhere in South Africa – would be good to know where, so everyone can avoid the place. The owner should never have allowed this…. I am appalled by this sort of behaviour (from the humans, not the lion!)

    1. Mac

      You’re not the only one KN. Indeed, this is a completely unnecessary and pointless act.

  15. Alan R

    I grew up in Africa and encountered these animals in the wild, on foot, and, all I can say is what complete and utter, moronic fools we have here. Tourist who go to Africa and think they are dealing with docile cats in captivity but, in my opinion, the bigger and most dangerous fools are the South Africans, and others in the region, who live there and should know better, yet keep and animals like this in cages and then carry out such idiotic activities. They should be sued out of existence for endangering the lives of such idiot tourists. Simply disgusting. One day the people doing this will end up as statistics since they can’t seem to figure out that it is called a lion for a reason.

    1. Mac

      It’s really a sad and cruel thing we do Alan. I hope someday we will become more aware and better people.

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