Aloha Bobby and Rose Co-star: 1968 Camaro!

1968 Camaro

It is just not possible not to fell in love with the mesmerizing star of the modern day Bonnie & Clyde movie version “Aloha Bobby & Rose”. The car we are writing about is the 1968 Camaro. Paul LeMat plays the mechanic named Bobby, whereas the car-wash jockey Rose is played by Diane Hull. After a horrible incident happens which obligates Bobby and Rose to escape to Mexico, there is the starring of the Camaro, their driveway.

Randy Martin has always dreamed to possess a movie car. One day he went to the movies with his friends. It turned out it was “Aloha Bobby & Rose” was the movie they watched. Once seen this car, Martin went crazy over the star Camaro. So, he purchased it. Now, he has come to the Hod Rods & Custom Stuff for a restoration.

Refresh the Aloha Bobby and Rose Camaro memories with the uploaded video below.


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