MUST SEE and TRY!!! Amazing Trick to COOK YOUR SAUSAGES Using the Car Engine !!!

Nothing overshadows the journey as much as the need to stop the car on the road, raise the hood and check the engine – of course, if you do not do this to check if you have prepared the pork steak. The tradition of cooking on the surface of the engine originates almost from the time of the creation of the first car, and today, when gasoline prices have reached the highest level ever, your engine should be able to do more than just take you from point A to point B. So start your engine and get ready for some nice, delicious barbecue!

Do not forget to wear gloves, as the engine of your car can be a very, very hot!

Here we have a great video showing this culinary trick in action. This Australian fellow is going for a nice camping trip in his Land Rover and decided to prepare himself a delicious off-road lunch. Be sure to watch his recipe, it will make you hungry 🙂


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