AMS Alpha Omega Sets a New GT-R Record at Quarter Mile – 7.7 seconds at 186 MPH!

Devoted GT-R fans now very well about all best times at a quarter mile distance, performed by any model of the Nissan GT-R series, especially when it comes to more recent ones. So we will just mentioned that back in the middle of this past April, the awesome AMS Performance Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R set a new world record for the fastest GT-R at a ¼ mile distance, achieving a result of 7.81 seconds.

However, it is hard to stay still and be satisfied with what has already been achieved and not to try and improve it, when you have such a great car like the Alpha Omega GT-R. So, just a few days after the Texas Speed Syndicate competition, the entire team was heading to the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, in an attempt to set a new GT-R record.

And after dealing with the weather conditions and solving some small technical problems, the stage was wide open for the Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R to show us what it’s made of. The result was incredible – new world GT-R record of only 7.70 seconds at 186 mph. Watch the video and see the whole thing.


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