Anime Tiger Tesla Model S ‘Shimajiro’ Shows Up In Japan To EVERYONE’S AMAZEMENT!!!

Yeah, the Tesla car reminds of a tiger and not by its look, but by its performance. And why we said that because it has angry acceleration like a tiger!

Never mind we will bring your brief description in case you’ve forgotten. Here it is: Tesla Model S P85D has 85kWh Performance battery, 691 hp (dual motor, front 221 hp and rear 470 hp) moved by all-wheel drive for exceptional performance on the road.

That’s it! Plus the fact for the crazy acceleration from 0 to 60 mph for 3.2 seconds reaching the maximum speed of 155 mph. It is a real tiger this car and the name it suits it. But just take a look why it is named like tiger, it is humiliation for this beauty of car and performance.

But it is what it is! Maybe they plan to include the car in the famous Japan cartoon but for what purposes who knows.

Tell us what you think and please be honest: Does this car deserve this or it is allowed to make jokes with it? Yeah, the fact that it pulls the adrenaline from the passenger heels when it launches instant acceleration allows this revenge.


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