Announcing The Supercar Minerva J.M. Brabazon

Minerva J.M. Brabazon
This model was named after a British racing driver which as you guessed was named J.M. Brabazon. Minerva has released the first details about this beast which apparently is white and envisioned to run 248 mph if its pedal is to the metal.

This Brabazon elegant almost pervert machine sits atop a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and its styling is neatly generic featuring a prominent front fascia 19 inch and 20 inch front and rear wheels. We can also see ventilated bumper to the rear that has dual exhaust system.

This car will drive on a twin turbo V twelve engine that has a back up by 2 electric motors that give power to the front wheels. Some of the other features for this car will include a limited slip differential, a sequential transmission, an intelligent controller for driving which offers 5 different modes.

Minerva J.M. Brabazon supercar

These modes are “The Normal”, for the boring people, just kidding. “The Economy” mode that will keep your pocket safe, “The Sport” mode for the ones in need for speed, “The Race” mode for the adrenaline and competition junkies, and “The Safe” mode for………… safety.

If everything goes as it should, and you tame this beast achieving a complete control over its maneuvers, with a steady pedal to the metal it will go up to 400km which will give you a nice adrenaline boost and feeling of freedom and power.


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