Are You Ready For This? Check Out One of the Fastest GTRs in the World!

The following video that you are about to see in just a few moments, would be a real treat for every Nissan Skyline GT-R fan in the world, as you are about to get acquainted with another one perfectly tuned street racing car that will blow your mind away. Well, it is not only a street car, but a real race car, as its owner is Japanese pro driver and this video clip is actually only a short segment from an episode of the well known High Octane car show, but quite enough to bring you closer to this perfectly tuned car.

Unfortunately we do not have much info about this yellow bullet, so we are little bit short, as far as the full content about this Skyline GT-R goes. So we will only tell you that under the hood of this awesome looking monster, there is an engine that can give an output to astonishing 800 HP, and it is claimed to be one of the fastest tuned cars anywhere in the world! Its owner left nothing on the chance and tuned it to the maximum, in his quest to get as close as possible to a perfection. So check out the video bellow and feast your eyes!


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