(At 150 mph) ADRENALINE JUNKIE DRIFTS Around The Streets Of Istanbul with BMW M5 E60 !!!

In 2013 Harun Tastan became known to the public in Turkey when he was caught by the police for causing havoc in the traffic on the streets of Istanbul in his luxurious BMW M5 E60. Playing around with the safety of the drivers and passengers, the young hopeful drifter had gotten pictures of him drifting published on his Facebook profile. At first, he drew the attention of the police by inserting covers on his license plates. So, the authorities launched a study to locate the vehicle and the young mysterious drifter.

But, karma or maybe utmost stupidity does its job finally this not very bright young Turkish was caught – with his own help to the police. Namely, the driver previously had posted images to social networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube that facilitated his capture. Dozens of police officers were following a similar image before the vehicle registration number, and then the identity of the driver was detected.

After being caught he was fined with penalty of 320 Turkish liras which equals to about 150 U.S. dollars and also his drivers license was confiscated for 2 months. Many people in Istanbul (probably the ones endangered on the streets, the most) argue that the penalty imposed was not enough in this situation.

Still, this does not bring intelligence to the mind of Harun Tastan, as he continues to drift around Istanbul with his BMW and of course driven by God knows what demons, posting videos of him on YouTube with his name revealed. Is he asking for arrestment this time? Lets hope he succeeds in his intentions. At least, the public will be relieved as another idiot will be taken away.

Here is a video of Tastan one year after being caught.


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