Audi R8 Sport Safety Car That SAVES THE NIGHT At Le Mans With Amazing Drifting In The Rain! RESPECT TO THESE SKILLS!!!

Imagine someone who was always dreaming to jump in Audi R8 Sport and for a moment that chance is given to him. That’s right, not elsewhere, but at the Le Mans! Can you just imagine his face, the adrenaline going through his body?

We bet that you can’t! Let consider another scenario and merge with the first one we told you. You are going to see the Le Mans race and it starts to rain awfully. You, with the rest of the audience hopelessly want to watch the race but the rain is falling more and more. Hours after the starting hour, a safety car, Audi R8 Sport is appearing on the stage.

And guess what? That’s our hero from the beginning, the guy who dreamed his whole life to have a ride with that beast. Believe it or not but this is the guy who is going to save the night and wish the audience come back tomorrow with epic drift!

Sounds interesting isn’t it? Exactly that story is going on our video listed below, and Audi R8 Sport safety car saves the night at Le Mans. The driver like a boss on the rain is drifting the safety car while the audience is confused from the whole act!

The driver must be proud of his drift because the video went viral and he is the hero of the night. We know that is not real saving or replacement for the exciting Le Mans race but it is better something than nothing. We know that the real gearheads will understand us.

What do you say on jumping on the video and seeing with your own eyes how Audi R8 Sport safety car is making epic drifts on Le Mans? Enjoy the video.


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