Badass Drifter – An Amazing Drift With Superb Precision, Slithering In Narrow Streets Like A Snake!!!

Here’s how you should be able to drift in your car. This is a master class drifting from Tiago Romano. Maybe not particularly difficult, but not anyone can perform this flexible sliding on the street…

Lots of smoke, adrenaline and bleachers filled the ECPA, a race track that is held in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo: on which the victory went to Tiago Romano, who at the first stage of the Championship Drift showed that the sport is here to stay! In the end, Romano had to face nothing more, nothing less than the “chief” Sergio Hanazono, the event organizer and leader of the Drift Show team, in which participates the champion. This time it was a high level fight between the master and the disciple, in which the learner took the best place.



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