Time To Visit Another Barn Full Of Old GM Cars Unearthed in Nebraska, 200 CLASSIC CARS GO FOR AUCTION!!!

Do you guys remember the undiscovered old Chevrolet garage down at Nebraska, which had cars from 70s,60s and 50s and after a long time it was discovered and it earned the name of ultimate barn find.

Well as unbelievable it might sound the same company that found that barn, VanDerBrink came across another great find. How about that….

Unlike the previous collection this is an old Chevrolet dealership garage that has solid and never driven before cars in its sight. Also in it we can find 200-plus cars that are worth checking out.

In the 50’s and 60’s GM vehicle made a bulk of a collection from that age, but there are also some vehicles that were pre World War II cars. The thing with these cars is that they need restoration; every single car needs to be fixed in order to work properly. In the garage there are some rare models like 1931 Ford Model A, Ford School Bus from 1934, 1936/7 Ford Pickup and some other amazing cars.

The amazing thing about this is that the Bullock Family, the ones that owned this collection, had a restoration garage as well, which means some of the cars might have been fully restored.


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