GORGEOUS LOOKING Nissan GTR CONQUERS Norway and All its Fjords!

Rare are the ones who have not heard about the beauty of this Nordic country, and when it comes to you, our devoted readers, it is even needless to start numbering the ‘beauties’ and all of the other positive attributes of the legendary Japanese ‘street fighter’, the one and only Nissan GT-R. And when there is a mixture of these two, the final product could be called nothing less than pure perfection.

Norway is considered to have one of The most attractive and extremely photogenic landscapes on the entire planet. So Fredrik Jöhnson from the Redhouse Media made and released this awesome short video, in which the main focus is on the abovementioned beauties of Norway, seen from through the eyes of a driver of the iconic Nissan GT-R R35.

The uniquely wonderful Norwegian country side, fulfilled with attractive narrow mountain roads, lakes, huge bridges and many more natural beauties, in combination with one of the best sports cars ever, are giving us this epic Roadtrip through Norway! So just relax and allow yourself to be completely mesmerized in the next two minutes.


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