BEHEMOTH POWER – 12-Rotor Engine. Can Make the Car Run 500 MPH – And That is No Joke!

The gerahead’s wish and desire to have the fastest and most powerful car in the world, really has no limits. The following video bellow, will give us a view into a real monster rotary engine, still under construction, which is just another prove that people are really capable of creating such a powerful motors that can skyrocket the vehicle straight into the stratosphere (in this case, it could be a one way ticket).

As most of you probably know, most of the rotary engines are usually two rotor variants, simply because it is more than enough. If you remember, even the Le Mans winner Mazda 787B model was with a four rotors, and three years ago, the firm named Rotary Supercars announced that it will built an eight rotor motor that will produce staggering 2 800 HP. But as abovementioned, in the world and reality of need for speed addicts, even that is not enough.

So here comes something that will put a shadow on everything previously built, as this new monster engine is coming with no more, nor less, but with twelve rotors. I think that if this beast is mounted on a car, it will make it run 500 mph! Just watch the video (till the end, there is something really interesting in the last few seconds) and tell me what do you think about it!


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