Behold The UNBEATABLE 3000HP TRUCK! Larry Larson Totally Dominates The 1200 Mile Race!!!

When it comes to cool and good quality racing videos the You Tube Channel 1320video is one of my favorite channels. While I was watching their videos I came across this very interesting footage of a very powerful truck.

The truck belongs to one of the most insane street racers, Larry Larson and if you can imagine by now his truck looks epic. The truck is packing 3000 horsepower under that giant hood and it was able to dominate the 1200 mile race. This is not his first time wining this race and it is not his first time taking home the price money. This year he was able to finish first and he brought home the $15.000 reward, he earned it. The truck that Larson owns is a Chevy S10 with 620ci Brodix block and heads from ProLine, also it has a twin 98mm turbos that give the truck an enormous power. Shifted with Rossler TH400 it helps maintain the decent gas mileage. This makes this truck unbeatable.

Take a look at this video and see for yourself how powerful Larson’s truck is, and I’m sure that he will dominate this race for the next few years because every time we see him he has improved somehow.


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