BELIEVE THIS OR NOT! – The Big Mouth Grant Balfour Has A Big Nose Truck!!!

Grant Robert Balfour is a Australian right-handed relief pitcher, currently playing for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball.

Balfour is known for his energetic and demonstrative attitude on the mound. It is not uncommon to hear him soliloquizing on the mound and use profanity, which however, are not directed towards his opponents. He explains that this is his personal way to motivate himself during the game. By the media of the Oakland area he was also nicknamed as “The Mad Australian”. This personality trait has caused him problems in at least one occasion during the 2008 Division Series against the Chicago White Sox, with the batter Orlando Cabrera, who is not familiar with this feature of Balfour, after which the pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays thought that he was the target of his insults and blamed him verbally.

Besides being known for having a very big mouth, Balfour was a target of the media a few months ago with his huge black truck with big ass. The truck was obviously built to withstand a zombie apocalypse. It can fit the entire crew from the Tampa Bay Rays in case of mass destruction. Of course, driving this truck Balfour could sing AC/DC’s song “Highway to Hell.” 🙂

Grant Balfour's Big Ass Truck


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