Best Cleaning Method for Drying Your Car with Towels

So, you are getting ready to wash your car and not sure what will leave it looking like you just drove it off the lot. With cars, you can’t just throw some dish soap in a mop bucket and scrub it down with the same washcloths you wash with. If you go that route, just let it air dry since the look of your vehicle is unimportant.

Maybe there’s a little bit more to washing a car than just soap, water, and hoping for the best. Finding the best soap, way to wash your car, and how to dry it afterward will leave you with a vehicle worthy of a car show.

The Best Wash of Your Car’s Life

There is more to washing a car than slathering some soap on. First, you need to rinse off any dirt that may be stuck from a weekend of rough riding. By rinsing first, you are taking care of the paint. Dirt is like tiny rocks that will wear down the paint and seal of your car. Eventually, washing the dirt away instead of gently rinsing it off will leave your paint scratched and dull looking.

Some cars shine brightest when their paint is dull, like rat rods and sleeper cars. More than likely, your car shines brightest when it’s reflecting the sun while coasting down the highway.

After the dirt has been gently rinsed away comes the soap. To apply the soap, you can use a sponge, cloth, or the best choice according to the pros at Guide to Detailing, a proper wash mitt. You can read more about their guide on washing and drying cars here. Once we’re done lathering on the soap with a wash mitt, rinse the suds and, if your car is still looking dirty, soap it up again to make sure to get all the details.

Now To Rinse

While suds are the most important aspect, rinsing your vehicle should take about as much time as washing it. It is important to make sure all the soap is rinsed from every crevice of your vehicle. If allowed to sit, it could lead to residue or unsightly water spots.

Start from the top and work your way slowly down. If your boots aren’t wet from washing, then they should be after a good rinse. Take your sprayer and start with the roof. Make sure to rinse around the doors, door handles, and especially the wheels and tires. If you are looking to clean her up, go ahead and use the sprayer to get the wheel wells. While it can be a pain to scrub them clean, you can at least rinse away any mud and debris that may be clinging from your latest ride.

Dry, Dry, Dry

If you want water spots all over your vehicle and dirt sticking to its still wet surface as you drive it off, then just go ahead and skip this step.

For those of you wanting a great-looking ride, you need the best towel to dry your car with and a great technique for getting it dry. You can find an in-depth method for drying your car here, No worries, we’ll cover more than just the basics here.

The first step is to let it drip dry a little. You don’t want your car to still be completely soaked, leaving you with soggy towels that are just keeping everything wet. Ideally, you can let it sit a couple of minutes in the sun before taking your microfiber car towels and soaking up the excess water.

Just like rinsing, you should work slowly down from the top. Like with washing, make sure to be gentle. If you see some dirt or debris that has somehow managed to stick to your vehicle through washing and rinsing, do not scrape it off with your fingernail. Gently scrub at it with a soapy cloth then rinse and dry the spot.

Drying your vehicle gives you a chance to inspect every inch of it closely. You can take note of any dings or scratches that need repair. It can be the best way to find those tiny details that car makers put so much effort into.

You can’t use any old towel for this intimate process. For drying your car, you should stick with carefully crafted microfiber towels that will soak up a ton of water without the threat of scratching your vehicle. Ethos Car Care has some of the best options when it comes to cleaning your vehicle. Shop now for the widest variety of cleaning cloths on the market when it comes to microfiber cloths and towels to keep your car shining and beautiful. With options like these, you can find the true beauty under the dirt and grime of your everyday ride. Now that you know how to clean your car, go out and get it done. It can be a great experience that makes you appreciate and get to know your car.

Keep Her Clean

Now that your beauty is cleaned up, it’s time to take her for a ride. You know the spot you want to take her, where the sun shines off the hood in a way that makes her shine like she’s brand new. We may not have to tell you where or how to drive, but once your vehicle’s clean, keep her clean. Now that all the caked-on dirt has been removed, start making a habit of washing your car weekly.

Once you make a habit, it’s easy to find any damage from driving during the week. You become more knowledgeable about what your car should look like and become hyper-aware of how it should be maintained.

A car is more than a place to get from A to B. Many take a certain amount of pride in keeping their car well maintained and washing, rinsing, and drying is one step in proper car maintenance. Cleaning your car is just as important as changing the oil and should be done regularly.


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