IS THIS WORLD’s Best Looking Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Out There?! HELP US DECIDE!

You simply got to give it to some guys – they are bold enough to come up with a great vision about how should their cars (or a truck, like in this case) look like, and than have the skills to perfectly convert those ideas into the real thing and end up with a vehicle that will not only make heads turn, but will skyrocket your feeling of satisfaction with your ride.

This great looking 2014 Avorza Dodge Ram 3500 Dually in black and red edition, is a perfect example for everything abovementioned. These guys really know how to make things right and give the vehicles a perfect look. It is a product of Alex Vega – The Auto Firm, from Miami, Florida, and I got to say it – it is one damn awesome looking truck.

Unfortunately, just as it happens very often, the authors of the video did not give us any info about the truck, so as much as we all want to know it, we can not come up with the exact figures about it, so everything that we would say about it, it would be only a speculation. Therefore, for now, we can just enjoy in this promotional video clip about one of the best looking Dodge Rams out there and hope that very soon we would see it in action. Check it out!


18 thoughts on “IS THIS WORLD’s Best Looking Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Out There?! HELP US DECIDE!

  1. Diablo

    what a bunch of junk glad you put the company name that built this CRAP cause I know these morons will never get any business from me

  2. well Diablo is the dumb ass that does not know art this is a great looking truck,I like it keep doing the good job and for all you dumb asses out there if its not your thing that is cool, but others like it so shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bikl

    ^^haha. Doesn’t pay to be negative.

  4. jake

    What it sound like

  5. Grease

    I have to agree with Diablo to some degree.
    The stock truck looks better then this.
    This truck looks gaudy to me and i think it could have looked better.
    To John,
    This is a comment section where people are encouraged to voice their thoughts on the truck, if you don’t want to see potentially negative thoughts then don’t look down here.

  6. jonah ooten

    wow. wish I could have nice things!

  7. josh

    What possible use could this truck have, it is meant to haul heavy loads at the same time be able to maneuver rough terrain, not prance around some city.

    1. Mac

      Thanks for sharing your opinion with us Josh.

  8. Ricky

    There are a few things I would change if I were to buy this truck from them

    The rims have way too much red due to how many spokes they have, compared to the splashes of red elsewhere on the truck, the rims, especially the front ones throw the ratio off. Either give them a negative offset so you don’t get angles where you see a whole bunch of red, or change the rim design to something with less spokes.

    Personal preference again, I’d change the toe hooks at the front to be black instead of red. There’s already enough upfront with the projector lenses and the ram emblem.

    The door emblems look stupid with all that wording in one spot, stick with the Cummings symbol or Ram 3500 and ditch the rest.

    Everything else is fine, I like the air suspension, just wondering if it has a load capacity comparable to the stock truck.

    1. Mac

      With all your suggestions, I’m sure the truck would be much improved Ricky! 🙂

  9. thiago

    Replace all red material for chrome,

    1. Mac

      Yeah, that’d be also cool.

  10. Kenneth

    I think the truck looks good the way it is, definitely a head Turner no matter where you go. Some duals exhaust out the back would look great also,hell powder coat them also the same color just to give the haters something to complain about,

    1. Mac

      Glad you like it Kenneth 🙂

  11. Ryan

    This is deffently not the worlds best looking Dodge Ram 3500 dusky. It sits to low to the ground and is really not practical for anything fun needs to be jacked way up not sit on the ground. I saw the airbags still not the same.

    1. Mac

      Which one is the best according to you Ryan?

  12. Jeff

    Very nice looking truck but I think black with red trim been done so many times, I think the truck needs j just little more to it.. change the rear duals for supper singals, and the front looks a little naked. Needs a customized push bumper to make it beefy.. that’s just me tho……

    1. Mac

      Very interesting ideas Jeff. I’m sure the truck would look great built like that.

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