Billy the Kid`s Sensational Story

Jeep Wrangler
Have you ever heard of Billy the Kid`s imponderable life-story?

Billy was born somewhere around 1850 in a New York run-down and christened Henry McCarthy. His parents, Irish immigrants, soon after Billy`s birth faced a total tragedy. Billy`s mother, Catherine, was widowed. Having to provide food for her children, she worked and struggled endlessly. The McCarthies moved to series of frontier towns eventually settling in Silver City, New Mexico. Billy`s mum married a guy named Antrim and right afterwards died of tuberculosis. Antrim turned out not to be the loving and caring step-father. He abandoned the 15 year old Billy and left him to roam the streets and make a living on his own.

Fortunately, Billy was an exceptionally smart and bright boy who was loved by everyone. He started the cattle rustling and gambling business and became most probably the Old West`s famous gunfighter. Once, in a brawl, Billy beat a man to death. That`s how he started the living a promiscuous life to the fullest. Billy`s life did not lasted for long. After all, he could not escape Sheriff Pat Garrett` gun trigger. He was killed at 21 in New Mexico.

Thrilled at the Billy the Kid story, Peter Egan started a mission of exploring Kid`s life. For that purpose, he needed a good transporter. Thus, he rented Jeep Wrangler, which is heavy-duty 10th Anniversary Rubicon edition equipped with leather seats in blood-red and 44 axles. Peter admits to have a soft spot for Jeep. To him, the performance and sensibility is much more important that the outward appeal.

After passing the great Plains at 70 mph, Peter and his companion finally entered the “desert zone”.

Their first stop was Tascosa, an old Texas town which used to be known for a cattle-drive crossing. Next, they visited the Santa Fe Trail museum which is placed near Larned, Kansas. They go to Puerto de Luna which is another hide-place for Kid where he had his last Christmas dinner.

The Jeep managed these routes extremely well, which you would not even think of driving them by car.


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