BLOWN CORVETTE TWINS: Vengeance Racing’s 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 750 HP Racing Against Hennessey’s 700 HP Stingray Z51! Same Blood, Same Genetics, Different Drivers!

Two mighty twins put on the same track to fight one to another for glory, but why it is just not fair! Two black mamba Corvettes C7 are on the drag strip to give their best until the last inch of the track. One of them was built by Vengeance Racing with 750 hp, while the other Stingray Z51 with 700 hp is a product of Hennessey Performance.

Honestly in this case it’s not up to the cars, it’s up to the driver’s skills and how quick he is in the shifting gears and how big is his racing heart!

They started together, shoulder to shoulder, no one showing weaknesses but it seems that one of the Siamese Corvettes had an issue with the heart the fuel injection but still not giving up, racing until the end.

What else can be said, beautiful video with multiple views from outside the cars and from inside, astonishing roaring of the engine – melody for the ears and for the adrenaline addicts eargasm!

Play it now and tell us what you think. But only one question we want to ask you, is this fair to make two Siamese brothers to fight and break their brother relationship or this is just a friendly battle to see how are they proceeding with the muscles pumping and how much progress they’ve achieved?


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