BMW Celebrates Its 100th ANNIVERSARY With The BMW VISION NEXT 100! Sheer Driving Pleasure Of The Future – WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE?

Like all the other car manufacturers the BMW car company showed that they are thinking ahead with the BMW concept car named BMW VISION NEXT 100. After all they are at the top of the car makers list and they need to stay there in the next 100 years. A company without ideas would be a loser company and going down the market would be unavoidable. This way BMW is showing that they are serious about staying on the top and with the making of the Vision Next 100 they stated clearly that they know how to make a great car.

The materials that have been used in making of this BMW concept car are futuristic too. There is carbon fiber all over the body of the car and also plastic composite has been used in order to reduce the weight of it. Lighter car would mean a much faster car and that is where BMW was targeting with the build. At least it is not a crossover and the size of it is similar to the 5 series sedan BMW. It is not small at all and it has four doors on it. Functional, lightweight and fast would be enough to describe this car.

The BMW Company used the 100 years celebration not to look back but to look forward in the future. There has been multimillion dollar equipment used in the design of the BMW concept because they wanted to show that the analog and digital could come together, the PC and the human could work together to make the ultimate ride. There are too many skilled people that work in the BMW and they are all looking forward as the vice president of BMW said. Now they got this concept car that shows how BMW is thinking ahead in the future.


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