BMW E36 DRIFTING ON A ROUNDABOUT At Nürburgring Is The Best Thing To See This Week! GIVE ME MORE!

The BMW E36 has proven to be the better car for drifting and now once more it is up to a challenge. The challenge is to drift the BMW E36 around the roundabout and to make all the cars wait until it is finished. If the driver wanted this BMW could drift all day and night without a problem but he finished the drift with a glorious move and now it is time to go home. There has been a little rain in the German streets at Nürburgring and that’s why there is not too much smoke coming from those tires but if it was dry asphalt then the tires would be on fire now.

It is a very dangerous move to make with the BMW E36 the drifting because there are other people that are taking this road. They are waiting for the car to finish the drift and to continue their journey. But the driver of the BMW doesn’t care too much about the other driver’s opinions, he just wants to do his thing and be gone. If there was some German police coming on this road then the driver would be in such great problems that could lead to some jail time too.

The laws in Germany are very strict about the street racing and for the drifting too which is considered to be a major felony there. Charges would be drifting, street racing and driving with high speed, obstructing the normal traffic and so on. Too much money would be taken out of his pocket.

Back on the BMW E36 which sounds great on this street drift video. It is a very popular car in Germany just because it has too much power under the hood and it is a rear wheel drive which makes it perfect for drifting too.


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