WATCH THIS Brill Street Carbon Nissan 240SX On The Streets In Italy! The God Of Destruction Is Set Loose!

Real destruction sound on the streets! That’s how this Nissan 240SX sounds and how mighty it looks. Ladies and gentleman this is the insane Nissan 240SX Brill Steel Carbon V8 S14. We miss the license plate on the video, but we made a research on the internet and it’s a custom license plate given in Italy because this might not be legal for street driving, yeah, sounds crazy, but they are right. Who wants to set the God of destruction loose, think twice.

But the place where the plate is waving is funny, between the rear wing…:)

And we literally mean God of Destruction! This Brill Street Carbon Nissan 240SX is possessing mighty powers within, LS3 V8 devil heart with 717 hp hidden under the hood  reaching up to 945 when it’s angry and drinking nitrous oxide, with 896 lb-ft of torque @ 5.200 rpm.

Each part of the car is custom made and fitted to the chassis and the body, but too many details to bother you. Same situation with the engine many custom parts, but we decided to mention some, MecTronik ECU MKE6, Nitrous Express 5 lb bottle and many more interesting details. If you want to find out more read the description bellow the video.

Now, press play and enjoy watching.


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