Bunch Of Guys Start Up A Heavy Tank Destroyer ISU-152 “ZVEROBOY” After A LONG SLEEP! Lost In Ukrainian Village. 65 Years Later THE BEAST COMES ALIVE!!!

The ISU-152 Zveroboy is a Soviet heavy tank destroyer that was developed and used during World War II. Here we have a sample of that particular heavy tank destroyer which was lost in a village somewhere in Ukraine. It stood there lifeless, useless, forgotten by everyone for more than half a century. But, 65 years later this beast nicknamed Zveroboy came alive. Thanks to a bunch of redneck guys, this old Soviet military vehicle is running again with full power. The question here is – what do they intend to do with it, now that it’s fully functional again?!

Here are some interesting facts about the ISU-152 Zveroboy that will surely give you an idea of just what kind of a mean old combat vehicle we’re dealing here with.

The ISU-152 is a Soviet assault gun in use from 1943 to 1970. ISU-152 was one of the most powerful self-propelled artillery weapons in the Red Army during World War II. Produced in 1943 on the chassis of the KV-1 tank under the symbol SU-152, this self-propelled vehicle was revised during 1944 for the chassis of the heavy tank IS-2 and received the designation ISU-152. It was great armored and armed with cannon of 152 mm caliber that used the two-piece shells of great destructive power. Because of its ability to take out without problems the hardest German tanks and self-propelled guns such as Tiger, Panther and the Elefant, Soviet soldiers gave it the nickname “Zveroboj” (killer of beasts). In the Wehrmacht it was called “Dosenöffner” which means can opener in German.

We warmly invite you to see the revival effort for yourself. It’s always jaw-dropping and impressive to see old Soviet technology such as this heavy tank destroyer come back to life again after more than half a century. It’s close to impossible to not be mesmerized by an old military technology like this.


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