Burt Jenner’s Onboard View Of Matt Mingay’s HUGE CRASH During Stadium SUPER Trucks At The 2016 Clipsal 500! ACTION!!!!

Thanks to Burt Jenner’s dashboard camera now we have the crash of Matt Mingay. He has been one hell of a driver, and he still is but he had a crash that has put some black dirt on his name. After the crash he has been asked a few questions about it and why he crashed, but as he has stated it was an unlucky day and unlucky thing to happen to him, nothing else. And maybe he is right, after we see the footage from Burt Jenner’s dashboard camera we will see why. The camera was standing in the perfect spot on the dashboard and it didn’t move while taking the video of the crash. Sometimes these cameras are off focus because of the jumping of the trucks and the crazy driving that the drivers do on the race.

This is one hell of a track that the drivers got to race on today. It is found at the Clipsal 500 event and the designers did a great job here. There are many jumping ramps that has been placed in order to make the race more exciting for the viewers and for the audience at the stadium. The drivers. Matt Mingay and Burt Jenner go on the first jumping ramp great, they make the jump flawlessly. It’s the seconds jumping ramp that made all the trouble for them. The driver ahead of Matt Mingay did the jump as it should be done, continuing his race. But when Matt came to the ramp he didn’t take it as he should. He moved the steering wheel on the side causing the truck to jump sideways. Now when you have a sideways airborne truck you already know that you are in trouble, and the landing on the two tires made it even worse, causing the truck to crash.


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