What can we expect of motorcycle apparel trends for the future? 

There are some clear directions that gear seems to be following. Motorcycle gear and clothing have seen a lot of change recently, especially in terms of lighter wear, diversity, and riders’ personal preferences.

A few interesting trends are expected to keep evolving in the same direction in the years to come. These are some of the motorcycle apparel trends we have noticed.


Adventure Gear Diversity

Off-road riders now have more choices than ever when it comes to motorcycle clothing. There are enough options put there to satisfy any rider’s gear palate. There is a preference for lighter apparel nowadays, however.

Until more recently, adventure riding apparel was designed with safety uppermost in mind. It was made to be heavy, and to withstand all kinds of bumps and scrapes, temperatures, and weather conditions.

Now, more highly-developed materials allow for design and ‘the look’ to be a part of the picture. Mid-weight adventure gear has become a much-desired preference. While there will always be those who will prefer the safety principles of traditional gear, there is a definite movement towards lighter fabrics.

These new materials are less bulky, but they do not lose the capacity to protect due to technological advances in materials.


Waterproof Shells

Wearing water-resistant apparel over body armour is also seeing a resurgence in popularity. These come in the form of a rain jacket and pants that can be worn over other protective clothing to help keep riders dry. This is currently especially popular for road riding, and particularly for longer rides.


Dirt-orientated Enduro Gear

Not so long ago dirt riders could only really choose between two types of gear: lighter motocross apparel or heavy ADV gear. Now, dirt riders can select a range of riding wear. The trend is towards the layering of specialised riding clothing items rather than wearing an all-purpose jacket. This layering system means you can take off outer layers if the weather gets hot without compromising protection.

Modern layered gear provides better protection than the old integrated system. It has better abrasion and impact protection thanks to advanced fabric technology.

The design is also becoming simpler. There are fewer pockets, liners, and zippers etc. than on older motorcycle clothing designs.


Especially Designed Motorcycle Jeans are the Thing

Younger riders are loving Kevlar-style jeans that combine protective technology with casual wear. These jeans are made with a combination of fibres that make them extremely strong. One of these is aramid fibres, which can withstand a lot. These aramid fibres don’t puncture or tear easily. The jeans are also made with about 4% of Twaron. Both of these substances are used to make ballistics protection equipment such as bullet-proof vests.

These riding jeans make it much easier to jump off the bike when out and about to grab a coffee or explore on foot without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable as one would in traditional, bulky apparel. For this reason, people who are doing longer adventure rides are making these specialised jeans their clothing of choice.

Of course, these jeans come with a higher price tag than a regular pair, but they’re not as expensive as you might think, and they’re well worth it.


Single Layers to Come

Most riding apparel is still made with at least two layers of fabric. With textile technology advancing at the rate that it is, experts expect that single layer, highly protective wear is the next step.


Some Final Thoughts

As you can see, we are currently at the pinnacle of apparel design. Designers can do now what could only be dreamt about 20 years ago. It’s exciting, and it gives riders more options -- and protection -- than ever before. It will be fascinating to see which trends continue to develop over the next few years.



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