Can You Believe It?! Tesla Model S P85D Destroy The New Hellcat On the Drag Strip!

I know that we have had plenty of opportunities to see the electric Tesla Model S in action, battling various supercars like Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458, and others, and doing pretty well. But can you believe that when the time came for the Tesla Model S to drag race with the best and the most powerful Detroit muscle of the 21st century, the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 Hellcat, the 707 HP monster, it had absolutely no problem to beat it, and even to embarrass it.

Those of you who were interested about it, probably know that the Tesla S is also not something to be joking about, especially when it comes to the engine power and the speed. The famous sports sedan with an all-wheel drive is powered by a dual-engine that gives an output to a 691 HP, and one of its characteristics is that it has a terrifyingly fast launching ability. In this case, it can be seen perfectly.

The Tesla Model S P85D had a perfect launch and it started to grab forward like a mad pit bull and set a new world record for a stock electric cars, 11.6 seconds at 114.6 mph. On the other side of the lane, the Dodge Challenger SRT and its driver seemed to be almost not interested, or like he had forgotten that he is racing, and not chilling and joyriding. I mean, just watch the video and see what I’m talking about. I do not have anything against the electric vehicles, but I love the Hellcat and this is a sad day for me.

If you want to find out much more about the Tesla Model S P85D, go to this link.


2 thoughts on “Can You Believe It?! Tesla Model S P85D Destroy The New Hellcat On the Drag Strip!

  1. puma

    the hellcat didn’t get a good start..

    1. Mac

      True indeed Puma. Not much of a driver…

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