CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS? Barbecue Smoker Steam Engine Train…SO GREAT!

Imagine a unique outdoors party without a barbecue. And the meat is even cooked not on a normal grill, but in a special stylized barbecue, a dish that takes on a special glamour. Of all of that thought this resident of Illinois for three consecutive years when he assembled an iron replica of an old steam locomotive from unnecessary pieces.

Under the front flap the inventor set the barbecue. Tossing firewood can be done in a traditional for a steam locomotive way – through the furnace in the cab. But the interesting thing is that this miracle of technology is not just a beautiful design. The temperature in the brazier is followed by various sensors. The train locomotive is equipped with lights, horn, bell, entrenching tools in case of an accident and, most importantly, the steam engine, which is enveloping clouds of smoke all around, able to move you in the days of the Wild West.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that inventors make a furnace of vehicles. So in 2011, an American made a barbecue from a purchased Cadillac hearse. Buying a new coffin, he set on it a brazier and pleased the inhabitants of the city with a meal on the barbecue.


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