Catch Me If You Can: Sly SCOOTER Boy OUTSMARTS The Cops!

We’ve seen many epic escapes when sly drivers cheated the cops and succeeded to escape from them. But what are you going to see next is amazing and you will be surprised at the end of the video, it is epic!

We will try to bring you in short what was going on there. It was a really interesting ride, we admit it, but we just don’t know if he did this escape with some purpose or the camera on his helmet was accidentally installed? Who knows, but judging by the way he was escaping, he knows very well the terrain and all the secret paths and shortcuts.

Bravo for the biker! Few times the police almost caught him and even once he fell from the scooter but he was brave enough, while the cops were literally behind his neck, he stood up from the ground, took the scooter again and continued the escape.

But at the end, it was worth it. Every sacrifice he committed during the chase was paid off! You will see how much he was stressed out and almost cried when he arrived on the safe place, he even tried to make a phone call but with no success.

Watch the video bellow and see the amazing chase. This was literally catch me if you can show!


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