Check Out This Guy In His Amazing Little Kenworth Semi Truck Cruisin Down The Streets To Buy A Burger!

This video really made my day! 🙂 It shows a charming miniature replica of Kenworth truck which is able to handle with every single task you can imagine: it picks up the food, enjoy the attention of hot girls and relaxed cruisin on the streets. It’s a real chick magnet. In this case: size does matter! With this truck you will never have to worry whether your windshield is clean or not.

A lot of people thought that this truck is driven by an electric drive. But, it’s not. Actually it’s a hydrostatic drive. The component paired to the engine is a variable displacement piston pump, and not a generator. The engine which powers the vehicle is an Eaton hydraulic motor, not an electric motor. Between the pump and motor there are two hoses. As for the battery, it is only for the lights.



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