Check Out This Private Collection Of Chevrolet Corvettes!!! A Real Treasure Of Gorgeous Cars!

If you’re a hard core fan of the glorious and gorgeous Chevrolet Corvette then this is something that will fully satisfy your hunger. You just got to see this private car collection. If you’re a Corvette person you will really dig this place.

The collection you are about to see on the video below is one of the nicest and most complete Chevy Corvette Collections ever seen outside of what General Motors has. The owner seems to definitely have a lot of passion for the Corvette. He is a philanthropist and a very benevolent person in the community where he lives and works (somewhere in the Mid West of the U.S.) as well as very successful in his business life. The collection features 43 cars and has all the pace cars except for one which they are looking for it.

So, keep in mind that if anything happens in your life, join the corvette family and just watch as all of your problems disappear. The two cool guys who are keeping an eye of the collection (while working regularly as firefighters) know this best. They sure have all of the coolest jobs ever!

Enjoy the magnificent sight of these gorgeous Corvettes in this video made by ScottieDTV!


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