Check This Awesome Chinese Excavator Performing Amazing Show!!! BETTER THAN a REAL Transformer! Check Out

Who can forget the iconic Constructicons? I don’t know about you guys, but they were some of my favorite Transformers. In spite of them being on the side of the Decepticons, I still liked them. Mainly because they were engineers, builders and not just brutal killing machines. On Cybertron the Constructicons wore the emblem of Decepticons, but from time to time they were on friendly terms with the Autobots. They became famous as skilled builders, reaching excellence in the creation and maintenance of complex engineering structures, as well as in robotics: as it became known later, Megatron – the very leader of the Decepticons gathered them in his workshop. However, instead of being grateful Megatron captured the Constructicons as his prisoners and using the “robo-tamer” he changed their minds, making them his ardent supporters.

Here we have this large Chinese excavator is a true technological feat: it moves quickly, rises in height and is capable of climbing over obstacles rather high! Almost like a real Constructicon 🙂 I’m sure Megatron would love to recruit him in the team.


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