CHILL OUT DRIFT With 600HP Nissan Silvia S15 With A Toyota Supra 1JZ-GTE Turbo Engine Swap. It Sounds Absolutely AMAZING!!!

This time we decided to chill out a little bit with one non-disturbing and pleasant drift where the main role is taken by the legendary Nissan S15 Silvia. But to be even more impressive the engine under the hood is a real legend too, the 1JZ Toyota Supra engine!

The mixed genetics now unleashes 600HP which are more than enough to smoothly and elegantly slide the tail of the car. But that’s not all, there are some part of the video when the turbo wants to tell you something. Honestly, it sounds like a human who wants to tell a big secret and we think that you will understand that.

What else you should expect? First prepare, take your best comfort position, adjust the video made by our friends at NM2255 Car HD Videos on full screen and blast the speakers and expect pleasant adrenaline feeling causing your heart to beat in faster tempo, making you on moments to jump and enter in the video to make some drifts on your own.

There is one question that we want to ask you: Don’t you think there is too much grip on the rear?


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