Clash of the ‘TITANS’ – DIESEL Drag Tractor Vs Steam Tractor!

Old versus New, Mano against Mano, who has the biggest cojones to handle such a challenge and proves to be worthy for the utter respect in the world of titans?! What we have here is something really entertaining that would be worth of your time watching it, believe me. It is a battle between two extraordinary mighty and powerful machines, out there, in their natural environment, where every tractor can prove what it is made of and the moment to put the money where the mouth is!

As you are about to see it for yourself, it is one new tractor that looks like it is going to conquer the world, in a pulling battle against a real old-timer, probably from the beginning of the 20th century.

Too bad that we do not have the info about the specs of these two monsters, so that things could become a little bit clearer just how mighty our heroes are. But never the less, that will not stop you to have a good time watching this funny video and see the lesson that the old-timer is giving to its younger opponent. But enough ‘talks’, just watch the video and see what I’m saying!


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